Benefits of CBD For People with Sleep Disorders

Benefits of CBD For People with Sleep Disorders

CBD and the use of marijuana have been used as a treatment for a number of conditions in recent years. CBD especially has been found beneficial as a health benefit for symptoms such as insomnia. These are some of the reasons CBD can help treat your sleep disorders.

What are CBD and Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that are able to attach to specific receptors in your central nervous system. These chemicals act as messengers depending on the particular cannabinoid and will provide varied effects on your body.

Two cannabinoids have received the most attention and include THC, which will produce a 'high' or 'buzz' to your system. The other is CBD, which has no psychoactive effects. CBD does not give you a 'high' but instead helps certain conditions such as anxiety, pain, and sleep disorders.

CBD and Sleep Disorders

Research has discovered your endocannabinoid system has a significant role in maintaining some of your body functions, such as your appetite, moods, and sleep patterns. Within your endocannabinoid system, you have a network of cannabinoid receptors in your central nervous system and brain. These two receptors have been identified as CB1 and CB2.

Cannabinoids are able to attach themselves to these receptors and provide a variety of effects. These cannabinoids are able to affect your sleep patterns, and studies show CBD can interact with specific receptors that affect your sleep/wake cycle. When you take CBD, it can decrease your pain and anxiety, both of which interfere with obtaining a night of restful sleep. When you reduce these symptoms, you improve your sleep.

Studies on CBD and Sleep Disorders

A study was published in which 72 adults participated with either poor sleep patterns or anxiety. The participants all completed assessments at the beginning of the study regarding their anxiety levels and sleep disorders. The assessments were given both at the beginning of the study and again one month into the testing.

Using the CBD capsule form, participants complaining of sleep disorders were given a dose at night; those with anxiety received a dose in the morning. After one month into the study, anxiety scores decreased by 79 percent. Those with sleep disorders improved their scores by 66 percent. The results of the study showed CBD decreased sleep disorders in many of the participants.

Overall, scientific research supports the theory that one of the CBD benefits is providing relief for sleep disorders. More research will continue, but the use of CBD has shown to decrease symptoms of insomnia and provide you with more quality night's sleep.

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