CBD Gifts for Pampering Your Sweetheart on Valentine's Day

CBD Gifts for Pampering Your Sweetheart on Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is no better way to show your love to your significant other than by pampering them with CBD gifts. From a luxurious bath to a sensual massage followed by a peaceful night’s sleep, your sweetheart will appreciate the thought and care that you put into a unique, wellness-focused gift. Our team here at TreeHouse CBD has put together a fun gift guide for the upcoming romantic holiday. So without any further ado, let’s explore some soothing gift ideas!

CBD-Infused Bath Bombs

Nothing starts a romantic celebration quite like a CBD-infused bath bomb. Available in a vast assortment of scents, our bath bombs are designed to enhance relaxation and nurture a sense of calmness. Made with the highest-quality CBD and essential oils, your sweetheart can enjoy unwinding in the tub while you get a romantic dinner underway. Each bath bomb contains 100 mg of CBD and coloring agents that do not leave a stain in your bathtub. This means there will be less hassle during the clean-up process!

CBD-Infused Honey

While your lover is enjoying their bath, you can encourage even more relaxation by bringing them a hot cup of tea with CBD-infused honey. Decaf or green tea are the best options for cultivating a relaxing evening. Choose a Tes that best complements your partner’s tastes and sweeten it with our delectable honey. Harvested in the Brazilian rainforest, our honey is infused with high-quality industrial hemp that is produced right here in the United States. Not only will CBD-infused honey boost relaxation, but it will also deliver anti-oxidants and other health benefits including digestive, immunity-boosting, and anti-bacterial properties. 

CBD Massage Oil

After a long, hot bath and cup of sweetened tea, the next step to fire up your Valentine’s Day evening is to break out the CBD massage oil. Known for its anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant properties, CBD massage oil is an excellent product for promoting intimacy and bonding with your partner. Our CBD massage oil contains 1,000 mg of CBD combined with all-natural European lavender for tranquility, relaxation, and balance. The gentle scent of lavender helps to alleviate stress while the soothing oil suspension helps to moisturize and repair the skin. Plus, our oil is water-dispersible - meaning that it will easily wash out of clothing or bedsheets leaving no oily stain or mess behind. 

CBD Tinctures

If you are looking for an even more personalized touch to your romantic evening, we encourage you to add CBD tinctures into the mix. Your Valentine can simply place a few drops under their tongue for fast absorption. We currently offer CBD tinctures ranging in potency from 1,000 to 10,000 mg. Working faster than gummies or capsules, tinctures get into the bloodstream quickly so that you and your sweetheart can spend more time bonding. 

From a luxurious bath to sensual massages and fast-acting tinctures, our product line here at TreeHouse CBD is loaded with incredible Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone in your life. Whether you want to build a CBD-inspired gift basket or simply wish to create a romantic, relaxing evening with your partner, these presents are sure to make your lover smile. 

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