CBD Tinctures vs Capsules: Choosing the Right Delivery Method for You

CBD Tinctures vs Capsules: Choosing the Right Delivery Method for You

The popularity of CBD has reached soaring new heights in recent years as people explore its potential health benefits. With the market continuing to expand, consumers are now being faced with a myriad of CBD products and a variety of delivery methods. It can feel overwhelming, but our team at Treehouse CBD is here to break it all down for you. Two popular choices besides gummies are CBD tinctures and capsules. Both offer distinct advantages and considerations and we will dive deep into the differences between the two. Our goal is to help you determine with is best for your specific needs. By the end of this article, you should have enough information to make an informed decision based on your preferences. 

CBD Tinctures: A Liquid Approach

What exactly are CBD tinctures? While the term may remind you of an old-world alchemist, the magic behind CBD tinctures can be boiled down to simple science. These liquid extracts are comprised of hemp-derived CBD that has been suspended in alcohol or oil. Known for its rapid absorption into the bloodstream, tinctures are popular due to their ability to deliver results fast. Just a few drops placed underneath the tongue (otherwise known as sublingual application) is enough to allow for efficient absorption via the mouth’s blood vessels. 

The key advantage of this delivery method is versatility. The user can easily adjust the dosage simply by increasing or decreasing the number of drops placed under the tongue. Suitable for both beginners and experienced users, tinctures typically come in a variety of flavors, enhancing the palatability for those who may be sensitive to the natural taste of hemp. Here at Treehouse CBD, we currently offer tinctures ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 mg.  

One consideration is accurate dosing due to the nature of the liquid. Individuals who struggle with droppers may find this to be a drawback. There is a potential for leaks or spills, especially for on-the-go users. 

CBD Capsules: Convenient and Precise

On the flip side, CBD capsules offer users a convenient and discreet way to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. Encapsulated in a soft gel or a hard shell, each capsule contains a pre-measured amount which eliminates the guessing game of the liquid drops. If you prefer a more straightforward approach to the consumption of CBD, this may be the way to go!

The main advantage of CBD capsules is convenience. Easily incorporated into your current supplement regimen, they can be taken just like any other vitamin or medication. Tasteless, portable, and mess-free, capsules are the more practical approach. Currently, our catalog contains soft gel CBD capsules ranging from 750 to 1,200 mg. 

As for something to consider, CBD capsules have a slower absorption time than CBD tinctures. This is mainly because the product must go through the digestive system before it can enter the bloodstream. In turn, this will delay the onset of effects when compared to the rapid absorption rate of the liquid drops. If you are looking for a product that delivers immediate results, it may not be best suited to you. 

Choosing the Right Method for You

So, which method should you choose? The decision between CBD tinctures and capsules is entirely up to you. It all comes down to your lifestyle and your personal preferences. If you prefer rapid absorption and the ability to choose your dosage, a CBD tincture may be your best bet. However, if you prefer precise dosing, convenience, and discretion, you may find that CBD capsules offer more of a benefit. Don’t forget that you can combine tinctures and capsules as needed. For example, you may want to use the tincture during the day for fast-acting relief. Meanwhile, the capsules may be your choice at night for more controlled dosing. 

If you need additional help selecting the right CBD products for your lifestyle and needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out today!
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