Finding Relief for Back Pain

Finding Relief for Back Pain: A Personal Story of CBD's Healing Power

About a month ago, I started to notice that I was having consistent back pain, ranging from dull to severe enough to stop me from doing whatever I was doing. At first, I thought it was nothing. Perhaps it was simply a sore muscle or maybe I had tweaked it somehow. I figured it would go away in the coming days. It did just the opposite.

I was now unable to get comfortable in any position, whether sitting, standing, or even lying down. The pain increased and even began to radiate down my leg. I was lucky enough to get an appointment the very same week with one of the best chiropractors in Michigan, Randy Tent with Diverse Health Services. He‘s been our family chiropractor for as long as I can remember.

X-rays clearly display a ruptured disc at L5. Randy instructs me to take some serious time off to rest. I follow the doctor’s orders and begin my CBD regimen on the road to recovery.

Every morning, I begin with alternating hot and cold compresses and a 300 mg CBD gummy that I eat with my coffee. After lunch and again at bedtime, I take a 3000 mg tincture. Our 3000 mg intense pain balm is applied several times each day to keep the back muscles loose. To help with the inflammation, I take a 200 mg Ibuprofen capsule 2-3 times per day. If the pain is peaking, I apply our CBD freeze to numb the area.

I continue this regimen when Physical Therapy starts 3 days later at STS Highland Michigan. Steve and Brendan create the perfect stretching routine to reduce inflammation and increase the flexibility of the back muscles. The next day, I work through this routine at home in the morning and in the evening to complement my CBD regimen. When I go back to Physical Therapy the next day, I start to notice improvements in flexibility and pain.

I use the gummy, extreme pain balm, tincture, and hot/cold compresses for two more days, and on the eighth day after seeing the X-ray, I wake up feeling almost normal! I no longer use the ibuprofen, but I continue the stretching and CBD regimen for two more days until I am ready to go on our family vacation!

What seemed like a minor issue that I could ignore, turned out to be quite the journey. Without the use of our CBD products and Physical Therapy, it would have been a much more painful experience. I also would have relied much more heavily on unnatural painkillers to make it through the day. Take it from me, these Treehouse products are the best, natural way to help you with any pain or discomfort you might be feeling!

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