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Treehouse CBD

10,000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (60 ml)

10,000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (60 ml)

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Treehouse CBD Tinctures are the most potent tinctures in the world of CBD product offerings. The 10,000 mg tincture provides customers with highest CBD concentration and may be more suited to experienced medicinal CBD users.

Treehouse CBD Tinctures are easy to dose, with the included 1 mL dropper; formulated to increase and improve absorption upon taking. 

Treehouse CBD Tinctures are vegan friendly and come in an oil-based solution.

Product includes:

  • 10,000mg Full-spectrum CBD
  • Highest Potency in the Market
  • Organic MCT oil
  • 2 oz bottle

What is a Tincture?

A tincture is an extract from plant sources that are infused with oil. CBD tinctures are made when CBD is extracted from the organic hemp plant using CO2 extraction methods, then infused with organic MCT oil to create the final product.

Tinctures can be taken directly by mouth. Tinctures are a great entry into the world of CBD, as you can start with small doses and increase as need requires.

How to use Treehouse CBD Tincture?

Treehouse CBD Tinctures are to be taken orally. Tinctures are usually taken by placing a few drops underneath your tongue, which then CBD enters the bloodstream almost immediately. If you choose to add the tincture to food or drink, absorption will be slightly slower as the CBD must pass through the liver.

How fast is the onset?

When dosing a Treehouse CBD Tincture, you should expect to feel the effects of the dosage in 15-45 minutes. The effects will reach their peak at about 90 minutes. If you consume the tincture mixed with food or a drink, the effects will take longer to set in.

Why buy from Treehouse CBD Tincture?

All of our 100% natural products have been lab tested for accurate ingredient information and breakdown. You can find a certificate of analysis here. 

Treehouse CBD Tinctures extracts the cannabinoid from organic hemp plants allowing for better absorption into the body.

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