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2 Gram Premium Live Resin Disposable HHC/D8/D9-0/THCP

2 Gram Premium Live Resin Disposable HHC/D8/D9-0/THCP

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Lemon Runtz, Maui Wowie, Blue Skittles

Our Newest Smokey Treats!!!

2 Gram Premium Blend Live Resin Disposables, Treehouse has formulated our newest special blend of cannabanoids in these fantastic 2 Gram Live resin disposables in 3 premium strains.


2 Gram Premuim Blend Live Resin Disposable- Blend includes...



Some consider it stronger or equal to Delta-8 in terms of potency in part because of the “slow burn.” When it hits. Users typically describe it as a euphoric type of high. Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing.


Delta-9 and D9-O both produce a potent high, but D9-O is around 3x more potent.

Delta 8

The high is a milder high than that of Delta 9 THC


THCP — a cannabinoid with more than 30 times the potency of conventional delta 9 THC 

Live Resin

Live resin retains the cannabis plant's original flavor and fragrance better than other cannabis concentrates. 


Treehouse is very excited to intorduce an unforgettable vape expirience in 3 smooth blended unforgettabe flavors. 


Blue Skittlez -Indica

Lemon Runtz- Hybrids 

Maui Wowie- Sativa



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